Synapse Research Institute was founded in 1999 as a research institute to explore thrombin generation (TG). Synapse is the inventor and patent holder of the “Calibrated Automated Thrombinography (CAT) assay”. 

The CAT assay is able to detect both thrombotic and bleeding tendencies. There is increasing awareness amongst scientists and medical doctors that measuring TG can reflect the coagulation state of a patient in vitro. 



The CAT assay can predict the bleeding or thrombotic risk in patients with e.g. haemophilia, coagulation factor deficiencies, (venous) thrombosis risk in patients with atrial fibrillation, cancer, APC-resistance and inflammatory disorders. 

The aim of Synapse Research Institute is to be the centre of haemostasis research. Therefore, we do top quality research, invest in innovation of coagulation measurements and follow the highest quality standards to support clinical studies.

The infrastructure of Synapse Research Institute consists of three types of laboratories:

  1. Research laboratories, which are equipped with the newest innovations in thrombosis and haemostasis research
  2. A service laboratory , which is organized according to the “Good Laboratory Practice” (GLP) standards
  3. A purification laboratory, which is equipped for large scale purification of plasma proteins.

Synapse is acting in the niche between biochemical, pharmaceutical- and clinical sciences.

Synapse Research Institute is a member of the Diagnostica STAGO S.A.S. group