Our Story

Synapse Protein Purification is an organization specialized in purification of clotting factors, both on small and on large scale. Generally, bovine coagulation factors are purified, but we also perform protein purifications from other sources, based on client’s requests.

With more than 40 years of experience in protein purification, Synapse Protein Purification is the best partner for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, but also for universities, hospitals and research departments working within the field of Hematology.

Our fundamental knowledge and broad perspective often leads to improved purification methods and good collaboration with clients.

Products & Services

Synapse Protein Purification offers a variety of clotting factors; bovine, human as well as other sources requested by client.
A small sample can be ordered to test whether the proteins meet your expectations. We can deliver the smallest or largest amounts required.

Small amounts of protein will be delivered on short notice, but for delivery of bulk amount the delivery time will be discussed.

We deliver to pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, but also Universities and Research Departments are among our clients.

As an extra service you can contact us for collaborations or just as a thinking partner, to brainstorm about your project.

Our Strengths


The bovine blood that is processed, is transported freshly from slaughter houses in Limburg (The Netherlands). By using Sigma 8K centrifuges, the red blood cells are separated from the plasma.

From the plasma we isolate Vitamin K dependent clotting factors, inhibitors and other coagulation factors. The purification steps vary from:

• Ion-Exchange (cation and anion)
• Hydrophobic Interaction
• Affinity
• Size Exclusion (gel filtration)

In our laboratories we use 3 ÄKTA FPLCs and 1 ÄKTA Purifier (GE Healthcare) running on the Unicorn software.

Our Team

Rob Wagenvoord

Senior Scientist

Erik de Smedt

Head Production Laboratory - Quality Assistant

Tessa Peters

Senior Technician

Cui Cui Bai


Our Location

Probably very unique in the world, Synapse Protein Production is located in the famous Sint-Lambertus church in Maastricht (The Netherlands). This Roman Catholic parish church dates from 1916 and is not used anymore since 1986. Exactly 100 years after the opening, Synapse Research Institute has opened its Laboratories.

Imagine how it looks from the inside, when you're doing lab work!